My Apron Login – Home Depot ESS Login

My Apron Login – Home Depot ESS

I was so excited when I learned that Home Depot offered an online Home Depot My Apron Login and Home Depot ESS (Employee self-service system). Accessing my schedules, paystubs, and other important information online is really convenient. However, I quickly realized that the login process is not as user-friendly as it could be.

This blog post will share my tips for logging into the Home Depot ESS system. Hopefully, my tips will help make your My Apron Login experience a little easier! Employee self-service system.

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What is My Apron?

A web application designed specifically for Home Depot employees is called My Apron. You can view payslips and work schedules there.

New Home Depot associates/employees will search endlessly for the My Apron portal online, which they are used to from the in-store system.

Home Depot in-store web is My Apron. This system is only accessible in-store through the company’s networks for security reasons. For accessing the Home Depot employee website from home, please go to and access the employee site and MythDHR Your Schedule from this page

The benefits of using My Apron ESS Portal

  • Associates can modify their contact information.
  • Print and look up their tax and payment statements.
  • You can print any LOA (Leave of Absence) packets.
  • Register for Homer Fund deduction.
  • Check Home Depot’s work schedule.
  • Print and view W-2 statements
  • Change and view State, federal or tax withholdings for local and state taxes.
  • View Information about Leave of Absence.
  • Edit your email address and postal address as well.
  • Change direct deposit details.
  • Check out pay stubs, payroll payslips, paychecks, and payslips.
  • Sign up and enable a payroll card.

The company also provide excellent Home Depot Employee Benefits

Home Depot ESS Login (Home Depot Employee Self Service)

Do you have any personal or company information that needs to be updated?

At Home Depot, now is the time! With our new service called “ESS” for employee self-service, there are various ways in which employees can update their address and more.

Reviewing this online will ensure communication between us when necessary about benefits, tax refunds, etc., so make sure all relevant info is accurate by logging on today with your PIN found under the Profile/Personal Information tab located at the top right corner next page ahead

From Self Service, you can:

  • Change your mailing address.
  • Review your associate profile.
  • Modify your withholding tax.
  • Activate or Change your direct deposit information.
  • Inscribing or activating Payroll cards.
  • Change or enroll in the Homer Fund deduction.
  • Examine the Leave of Absence information and print the Leave of Absence packets.
  • Verify the Absence or Leave Absence Absence Condition.
  • Print and view tax statements and payslips from the past.

 Self Service functions require a network login. Here are some suggestions:

  • Be careful when you log in to the internet. Access and create any changes to the information in a secure manner.
  • It is essential to leave your account when you’re done with access.
  • Make sure you print your documents at a secure printer’s location.

Once you have enrolled with the Home Depot ESS, I will walk you through logging in and setting up your My Apron account. In order for us both to be successful at this task, let’s take stock of some necessary credentials first:

My Apron Login Requirements

  • My Apron Login Web Address.
  • You need a My Apron login valid User ID and Password.
  • Internet Browser.
  • PC, Laptop, Smartphone, or Tablet with reliable internet connection.

Step By Step Guide Of My Apron Login 

Follow these below simple steps to access your successfully My Apron portal:

my apron login

  • Now, Enter your User ID and Password in the blank field.
  • Once you have done that, hit the login button to log into your account.

Step By Step Guide Of Home Depot Schedule Login 

Please, follow these below simple steps to access your Home Depot Schedule portal successfully:

Home Depot Schedule login

  • Now, enter your User ID and Password into the empty field.
  • Then, click on the “SIGN IN” button to access your account.

About Home Depot

The Home Depot is the largest home improvement retailer in America, supplying construction products and services. The company was founded by Bernard Marcus with a vision to create an affordable place that anyone can afford to buy whatever they need for their house or business from one source – even if you’re not rich!

The headquarters are located in unincorporated Cobb County near Atlanta, where postal mail is addressed.

This has been made possible because it’s considered part of the metropolitan statistical area (MSA) anyways, so any product sold would have met rural requirements set forth under the law without violating Wall Street Reform Act provisions against using specific areas designated solely for disadvantaged communities.

Home Depot ESS – My Apron Contact Information

The following are the Home Depot ESS- My Apron contact details, which might help you solve all your difficulties and problems as soon as possible. Let us go through and select the way to contact without any second thought.


1.866 myTHDHR
[email protected]
(HRSC) Mon-Fri 8am – 6pm (EST)
(TAC) Mon-Fri 9am – 7pm (EST)
Sat-Sun Closed​


Benefits Choice Center

Mon-Fri 9am – 7pm (EST)

Benefits Information

Live Chat: Mon-Fri 9am – 11pm (EST)

Phone Number:


Email Address:

[email protected]

Office Address:

2455 Paces Ferry Road, NW, Atlanta, GA, 30339, USA

Home Depot Benefits Choice Center Contact Information

  • Phone Number: 1.800.555.4954
  • Official Website:​
  • Live Chat Hours: Mon-Fri 9 am – 11 pm (EST)
  • Operating Hours: Mon-Fri 9 am – 7 pm (EST)

Official Website:

Home Depot Employee Resources.

Home Depot Benefits Center Homepage

Home Depot Benefits and Health Plan Contacts PDF

Home Depot Careers

Home Depot Twitter Career Page

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